Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Baby Randt is Here!!!

Brooks Charles | Born July 21, 2016 | 9lbs 6oz. | 21 inches

We are so in love!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Baby Randt | Showered with Love

While I continue to wait on Baby Boy to make his debut - yes, still waiting - 40w5d today - I realized I hadn't blogged about my baby shower yet!!!

My cousin, Krista, was the brains behind the operation and solicited help from my childhood best friend, Tammy, and my mom. Together - these ladies put on the most amazing baby shower!!!!

Shower's have never really been my thing - they make me uncomfortable - being the center of attention, everyone watching you open presents, the corny games, etc - you get the picture! My cousin knows this about me so she ran all kinds of things by me when planning the shower - and it couldn't have turned out more perfectly!!!

I knew there would be a ton of people - as my family is so large - so I suggested that we look into renting a space so that we didn't need to stress the hostesses out by needing to have that many people at one of their homes. My friend, Tammy, found the best club house space at an apartment complex - it was the perfect location!!!

Krista has asked early on about a 'theme' and since we don't really have a theme for baby boy's nursery we decided to go with a 'Little Man' theme. which turned out adorable!!

We decide to start the shower at 11:00 am - so had brunch type food. We did a yogurt parfait bar, had mini quiches, fruit, doughnuts and of course dessert - cake pops (made by Tammy) & sugar cookies (made by my mom & decorated by my mom, aunt and cousin).

There were around 30 women that came and we sure felt the love - it was such a fun day!!!

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Baby Randt | Overdue

If you're not caught up on the happenings of Baby Randt -  2016 Baby | The Back Story | Finding Out |  Week 3-19 Update | 20 Week Update | Week 21 - 24  | Week 25 - 30 | Week 31 - 34 | Week 35 - 38

Well here we are - my due date has come and gone - I'm 40w1d pregnant today. I know that a 'due date' is just an estimate....but,let me tell you - it's HARD being overdue!!! You've carried a baby for 280 days - you're tired of being pregnant and extremely uncomfortable. You've anticipated meeting your little on on a certain day - only to have to keep waiting!!! It's tough!!!!

Thankfully, Baby Boy is still doing great in there - I guess I'm just making too good of a home for him!!!

In the meantime - let me just give you a taste of what it feels like to go past your due date - with your first baby!!

Come on Baby Boy - there are so many people that are excited to meet you!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Baby Randt | Week 35 - 38

It's time for another update on Baby Boy Randt!!!

If you're not caught up on the happenings of Baby Randt -  2016 Baby | The Back Story | Finding Out |  Week 3-19 Update | 20 Week Update | Week 21 - 24  | Week 25 - 30 | Week 31 - 34

Hi everyone - I'm still here - still pregnant!!! 38w5d today! Baby Boy is pretty comfy in there and running out of room!!! Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!! :)
Here's what we've been up to....

Week 35
This week we had our last childbirth class at the hospital! We also took an infant CPR class as well as a breastfeeding class! Pretty sure we are done with the classes!! :) We also took the boat out for - what was likely the last time before baby!

I officially hit the uncomfortable stage by the end of the week!!

Week 36
What a busy week!!! We had a doctors appointment & growth scan! Baby boy is still looking great! He is still head down and his approximate weight was 6lbs 10oz. His head also went down in size a bit - 80 percentile now, instead of 97th! Thank you, Jesus!! I also had my cervix checked (no dilation, still high) and my Group B strep test - which was negative. We now see the doctor weekly!

I had a 90 minute prenatal massage this week and it was heaven!!! Really made my back and hips feel so much better! I also went to a chiropractor - hoping it would help my body feel better! I've decided I'm going to treat myself to weekly prenatal massages and chiropractic visits until the end!

My sister-in law got married on 6/17 and both the hubs and I were in the wedding. It was a HOT day in Minnesota and although the bridesmaids dresses were pretty - they were so warm. On top of that, the chuch did not have air conditioning and there was a point I really thought I was going to pass out during the ceremony!

We also celebrated the life of my dear grandmother this week. She passed away on May 11th after 90 wonderful years on this earth! Funerals at 36 weeks pregnant are no fun - I just couldn't control the tears! She was such a special lady and will be dearly missed! One of my fondest memories will be being able to tell her in person this past January that we were expecting this sweet baby boy!! I won't ever forget how excited she was to hear the news!!

Week 37
This week started with some excitement - I had my 37 week check-up in the morning as well as BPP ultrasound - all looked great with baby boy! On my way home from work on 6/24 I had contractions/Braxton Hixx and cramping nearly the entire drive home. I also continued to have contractions/Braxton Hixx until I went to bed that night - I also had painful cramping in my right above my lady parts the next morning! So nothing consistent is happening yet - but clearly my body is getting prepared for baby boy to make his appearance!

Still pretty uncomfortable this week - tons of pelvic pressure, sporadic contractions and my wrists feel like they are going to break off!

Week 38
My 38-week appt was uneventful - cervix was still high and not dilated. Baby boy passed his BPP ultrasound in about 3 minutes! He's pretty comfy in there! My emotions have been all over the place - I'm ready to be done and meet this baby boy!!! 4th of July was rough this year - the weather this year was PERFECT!!!! Usually we would be out on the boat - but it's just too hard to take it out at this point! We were able to spend all day Sunday at a friends pool and it felt like heaven being in the water! The rest of the weekend was spent laying low, with lots of naps for me!

My back and hips are still feeling great - but my pelvic floor muscles feel like they are going to split in half - so uncomfortable whenever I change positions. My wrists, hands, feet and ankles are also SO Swollen - they hurt!! I really hope the carpal tunnel pain goes away quickly after birth!!

I have my 39 week appointment and growth ultrasound on Thursday - so we'll see if baby boy is any closer to being ready to meet us!!!

Stay tuned for Baby Randt watch 2016 - I'll continue to post updates!! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Baby Randt | Week 31 - 34

It's time for another update on Baby Boy Randt!!! Sorry I'm a little late - I'm actually 35 weeks today!!!!

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Week 31
We started baby classes this week!!! Eeeeepppp!!! It's starting to get closer and closer!!! Still feeling good and sleep is going well, minus the potty trips!! :)

This was a busy week for us - my cousin graduated from college, I celebrated my sister-in-laws bachelorette party and we had maternity photos taken!

Week 32
I had a doctors appointment and growth ultrasound this week. My mom was able to take a day off work and come with me, which was fun!! During my appt, they also did a BPP - Biophysical Profile - as part of the ultrasound - which scores the baby on how well they are doing. They basically look at movements (small and large), breathing and fluid level. I was told I'll be getting a BPP ultrasound at every appt from here until the end! I probably didn't ask as many questions as I should have on why I"m getting them, but I assume it's due to the 2-vessel umbilical cord.

During the ultrasound the tech told me that we are getting to the point that if the baby scores lower than an 8 on the BPP ultrasound that I could be sent to the hospital!! Eeeeeepppp - that just made things real!!! I started filling up my Amazon cart with things for my hospital bag that night!

Week 33
Starting to feel a ton of joint pain this week - mainly my back, hips and wrists. My left wrist actually is starting to hurt pretty bad. I can't tell if it's carpal tunnel or not - because most of the pain is on the top of my wrist. Regardless, I'm wearing two pretty sexy wrist braces to bed at night - as that seems to be when it hurts the most! I'm also starting to notice more swelling in my feet and hands - I had to stop wearing my wedding rings this week :(

We finally got our replacement crib picked up and also got it assembled. I did my first load of baby laundry - washing crib sheets and blankets. I also scored some major deals on his coming home outfit as well as a few other items that we too cute to resist!! Baby boy has a full closet already!!!!

Week 34
My 34 week doctor's appointment and Ultrasound went great - baby boy passed his BPP in less than 5 minutes!!

I'm not sure what exactly happened when I hit 34 weeks - but I've officially started to get uncomfortable!! I'm feeling very large!!! My wrists are still bothering me - my left worse than my right. My low back is pretty sore - as are my hips! I'm also swelling in my feet! I've also started to get super emotional....about EVERYTHING - I cried at Target the other day - I'm not really even sure why!!! The hubs has been so great through all of this - being my support - and an excellent masseuse!!!

On a super happy note...I had my baby shower over the weekend and it was amazing!!! I'll do a full post soon sharing all of the details!!

We also made trips to BuyBuy Baby and Target - also made a huge purchase on Amazon to use our Registry completion coupons. We've spent the last few nights slowly organizing the nursery - and we also got some things hung up on the walls, including Baby Boy's name!!!! (Which is Top Secret - to EVERYONE still!!)

Here's the bump progression! Baby Boy is starting to run out of space!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Baby Randt | Maternity Pictures

A couple weekends ago - the hubs and I had some maternity photos taken.

I was very on the fence on whether I even wanted maternity pictures, I just wasn't sure I wanted pictures when I feel as big as a house! We actually weren't planning on doing them at all - until I saw that the photographer, who will be doing all of Baby Randt's photos in the first year, was offering mini sessions!

This is the second time we've done a mini-session - and let me tell you, it's the best thing EVER!!!! A mini session is when a photographer will pick a day or two and offer up 15-20 minute sessions for their clients. They usually offer 5-10 edited images as part of the session price. The price is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than paying for a full session (I'm talking 1/3 of the price of their standard session fee). Both times we've done this, we've gotten exactly what we wanted out of the session - which is usually just 1-2 good photos!

I'm so glad we decided to do a maternity mini-session - I love the way the photos turned out! It was also great to meet our photographer, prior to Baby Randt's arrival!!!

Stay tuned later this week for the week 30-34 update!! :)

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Baby Randt | Week 25 - 30

It's time for another update on Baby Randt!!

In case you need to get caught up: 2016 Baby | The Back Story | Finding Out |  Week 3-19 Update | 20 Week Update | Week 21 - 24 

Week 25
Baby boy gave us a scare this week - I started noticing that he wasn't moving as much as he normally was - so I called the nurse line. Thankfully, they told me to just come right in and were able to get me in for an ultrasound! Baby boy was just fine - turns out he had turned himself around to the breech position again - so that's likely why he wasn't moving as much.

Week 26 
I was crazy busy at work this week with my entire Sales Team coming to town for training. I put in two really long days - and noticed swelling for the first time in my feet!! YIKES!!! Thankfully the hubs was kind enough to massage them and they really weren't painful at all.

Week 27
This was a pretty uneventful week - perfect way to end my 2nd trimester!!!

Week 28 
Had another doctors appt. this week and was able to see baby boy again!!! He's growing up a storm, almost 3 pounds and is developing some chubby little cheeks!!! I also got on my final plane ride until after baby boy is here. We went to visit my cousin and her family in Omaha. I'm glad the flight was only 45 minutes - because I don't think I would have been comfortable on a flight that was much longer!

Week 29
Baby boy is moving like crazy - his kicks and movements are getting stronger by the day!! I started having some slight discomfort this week when taking Rickie on his walks - just a little pressure/tightness in my stomach and slight back pain - also a little bit of swelling in my feet! Babies R Us was having a HUGE sale - 20% off entire purchase + 15% off if you open a credit card. My mom decided to open a credit card and we were able to snag our convertible car seats - an extra carseat base and my mom bought us our play yard!  We saved tons of money!!! Thanks, mom! :)

I may have had my first Braxton Hixx contraction this week - but I'm not sure - I was lying in bed and felt my stomach harden - uncomfortable, but not painful - and some back pain. It only lasted for about a minute!

Baby Randt officially has a nickname - Baby "MoMo" - long story, short - Baby boy has a name but we aren't telling ANYONE until he's here. We've come up with all kinds of funny names to tell our family and friends including 'None-Ya' as in None-Ya Business - MoMo developed from one of the names we teased our family and friends with!!!

Week 30
We are now seeing the doctor every 2 weeks and we start baby classes this week!! It's getting so close, it's CRAZY!!!!  I'm still feeling really good - however, it's getting harder to bend over and get dressed in the morning and I'm also pretty sore/stiff when I get up in the morning or after sitting for a long period of time.

We can't wait to meet you baby boy!!!! :)